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Trace Together Token: Bridging Safety and Privacy in Singapore

Introducing the Trace Together Token: Singapore's Shield Against COVID-19

In the face of the global pandemic, Singapore rises with a proactive approach. Presenting the "Trace Together" token, a beacon of hope designed to safeguard the community while respecting individual privacy.


Key Features of the Trace Together Token:

- Efficient Contact Tracing: The token diligently traces contacts within a 2-meter radius, enabling swift identification and isolation of potential COVID-19 clusters.

- Two Weeks of Data: With a focus on relevancy, the token stores interaction data for the past 14 days, ensuring timely and effective contact tracing.

- Battery-Powered & Long-Lasting: Designed for continuous use, the token is powered by a durable battery, ensuring uninterrupted protection.

- Non-Location Tracking: Your privacy is our priority. The Trace Together token does not track your location, ensuring peace of mind and trust in the system.

- Minimalist & Clean Design: Crafted with a sleek white design, the token is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Its compact size makes it a perfect keychain accessory.

-For Every Singaporean: A Token of Safety**Distributed to every citizen, the Trace Together token is a testament to Singapore's commitment to the health and safety of its people. It's more than just a device; it's a symbol of unity, resilience, and collective responsibility.

Closing the Loop on COVID-19

With the Trace Together token, Singapore takes a decisive step towards breaking the chain of transmission. It's a blend of technology and community spirit, working in tandem to usher in a safer tomorrow.

"Trace Together Token - Protecting Singapore, Together."

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