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Nudle: A Taste of Bangkok in the Heart of Amsterdam

Discover Nudle: Where Authenticity Meets Modernity

Journey through the bustling streets of Bangkok without leaving Amsterdam. Introducing Nudle, a culinary experience that marries the rich flavors of authentic Thai noodles with the sleek minimalism of modern design.

The Nudle Difference: A Culinary Experience Redefined

- Authentic Flavors: Crafted with passion and precision, our noodles capture the essence of traditional Thai cuisine. Every bite is a tribute to the culinary heritage of Bangkok.

- Cool Minimal Design: Our packaging is a reflection of modern Amsterdam – sleek, stylish, and sophisticated. Yet, within lies a taste that's unmistakably Thai.

- Optimized for Delivery: Nudle reimagines the takeaway experience. With our unique dual-cup system, enjoy perfectly separated noodles and soup, ensuring maximum freshness and flavor upon arrival.

- The Perfect Pair: Our two-cup concept ensures that your noodles remain al dente and your soup retains its rich aroma. Combine them, and voila! The perfect noodle experience, right at your doorstep.

"Born in Amsterdam, Rooted in Bangkok"

Nudle's story is one of passion and heritage. While our brand was born amidst the canals and cobblestones of Amsterdam, our flavors are deeply rooted in the vibrant streets of Bangkok. It's a fusion that celebrates the best of both worlds.

Nudle: Redefining the Takeaway Experience

Gone are the days of soggy noodles and diluted soups. With Nudle, experience the joy of authentic Thai noodles, thoughtfully packaged for the modern urbanite. Whether you're craving a quick lunch or a cozy dinner, Nudle promises an experience that's both authentic and avant-garde.


Nudle - Savor the Essence of Bangkok, Delivered with Amsterdam Elegance.

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